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It is one of the most active and Fame Arab caravans in the TruckersMP community The Quick Delivery was founded by[Anas trucker] on 27 Feb 2020 The Quick Delivery company launches daily convoys with different modes and weekly convoys on Friday and Thursday devoted to the game American Truck Simulator And it includes nearly fifty drivers, and everyone is bound by the rules of communication between drivers The Quick Delivery company provides complete technical support to the drivers within the company regarding the game and sometimes more We welcome you to our community[3:38 AM]General Ruls You must be at least 15 years old It is forbldden to talk about deep and political controversial Issues You will be test your drive before joining the company Respect should be mutual between team members and act in a positive manner TQD palnt should be used during all public events and caravans The TQD trigger tag should always be used in TMP unless it helps with an outside event You must always maintain TOD's reputation within the community by respecting all TruckersMP rules and doing well in all areas You must respect all other TMP players by leading with professionalism and respect Sharing content in TQD member channels, documents, and tools outside of the VTC is strictly prohibited You must attend the minimum weekly number of company convoys, which Is the main convoy day of the company (Friday) so that you are not